Monthly Archives: July 2017

I’m Still in Botswana, and Alive

I’m writing this as I procrastinate on the rewrite of my resume and first write of my cover letter for the three jobs I want to apply to this week, the research on the nine PhD programs I’ve narrowed it down to, and the description of service and site reports I should do for Peace Corps, all in the next three days. But like the ice cream I was allowed to buy because it was written on my grocery list, blogging is on my to-do list, so it’s ok to be doing this instead, right?
My muse, Henri, has been on a long vacation and blogging just hasn’t felt feasible for months (apparently, it’s only been 5 months, but I forgot about my last two blogs, so I thought it had been 8, whoops!). My writing is obviously incredibly memorable. A lot has happened in those 5 months. I don’t like to be too negative about my service, on my blog and I’ve been in a pretty negative place for these 5 months. I’m still not in a “hip-hip-hooray” head space, but I have so much going on inside my head that it’s no longer all dreary. I finally have something to keep me busy and driven. That’s not to say I haven’t done anything in the last 5 months, I have. In fact, let me tell you about it!
Had to take a break from writing this to be productive! AKA watch my 18th episode of Will and Grace for today. Productivity comes in all shapes and sizes, my friends.
So, in the past 5 months, I have sadly had all my classes reallocated to new teachers, but happily expanded my club to over 50 students and 5 days a week. With all the extra time I’ve had from not teaching, I’ve watched a lot of TV, researched over 100 schools for PhD programs, read a lot, and tried not to freeze from the winter. I also finished my final paper and graduated with my Masters degree! I spent a month thinking that my job here was no longer for me, fighting intense anxiety, and almost going home. But instead of going home early, I went on 4 vacations, spent more money than I had (not hard to do when we make $300 a month and I came to PC with only $75 in my account), and saw amazing sites, animals, and concerts. Last month we had our Close of Service conference for PC. And lastly, I’ve done a lot of planning for my return to the States.
It’s been a crazy 5 months, but the craziness hasn’t ended. Now it’s the big transition time! In less than two months, I’ll be done with my Peace Corps service (gasp). It doesn’t quite feel real. It’s been an insane 2 years. It’s gone by rapidly at times, and yet excruciatingly slow at others. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen any of my family (thanks again to my brother for coming to visit me last year!), and a tragically long 2 years since I’ve hugged my mom. And although I’m done with my service in 2 months, I won’t be home for another 2 because I’m taking advantage of this crazy liberating (AKA stressful) time of having no job lined up, no school to go back to, and only guaranteed housing for 2 weeks when I return, to take the trip of an amazing lifetime. 2 months, 8 countries (if you count Bots and the US), and many adventures await me. So that’s really the update. A lot has happened, a lot is about to happen, and life is all up in the air starting September 15th.
I’m going to leave this as a pretty short update because I see more blogs happening in the near future. I really mean it this time, maybe… We’ll see. But probably.
P.S. Thank you to my two most loyal readers, Niki and Bhruga. You keep me inspired to blog even when I feel like I have nothing to say. You’re also just beautiful goddesses.