Care Packages

22 days average transit time using USPS priority flat rate
USPS Priority Flat Rate Transit Time Map

It probably comes as no surprise that I get terribly homesick and having things from America sent to me is the best gift ever. I love packages. I had a list of things I’d like in care packages, but honestly, I trust you and it’s so fun to get surprises. I know that if you’re taking the time (and money) to send me a package, you know me well and will send me amazing things. That being said, I can also see how it may be daunting to think of what a girl living on a different continent may want or need, so I do have this amazon wish list that I will update as things come to me that I may want or need. I always appreciate snacks, those are always the best.

If you do send me a package, I suggest writing on the claim form gifts and that the contents only amount to somewhere between $10 and $30. I also suggest writing things like bibles, feminine care products, or things like Jesus loves you. Those will help to keep the claims people out of it. I have only had trouble with one package so far. I had a friend who sent me a couple v-necks from Target (those are always appreciated, too, since I’ve lost so much weight and clothes are not great here. Size large please ;). On the claims form she wrote Target T-shirts and the box was opened, things were taken out of wrapping paper, and I was charged about $30 because they thought I was going to resell the clothes.

Side note: as much as I would love to keep eating gluten forever, I really shouldn’t and this is a great opportunity for me to stop. So please don’t send me gluten!!

My new address is (which should be good for the rest of my service):
Joiwyn Lewis
US Peace Corps Volunteer
C/O Seepapitso Senior Secondary School
P/Bag 007
Kanye, Botswana

The following items are restricted from shipments (for more information see the USPS website):
Butane gas cigarette lighters.
Coins; bank notes; currency notes (paper money); securities of any kind payable to bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, gold, and silver (manufactured or not); precious stones; jewelry; and other valuable articles are prohibited in all classes of mail, including Priority Mail Express International shipments, that are mailed to Botswana.
Honey and preparations of honey including royal jelly, preserves sweetened with honey, and flypaper.
Prison-made goods.
Used clothing for sale; used boots and shoes.

Import licenses are not required for bona fide gift shipments not exceeding 11 pounds.

Or you are always welcome to send me money via PayPal: