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You can really contact me in any way. I have access to wifi, so I check social media regularly and have access to e-mail. I use facebook messenger and whatsapp for texting (my number is +267 76240438) and sometimes for calls. And you can mail me letters or packages, but I would suggest not mailing letters or packages that are not flat rate shipping after March because there is a possibility I won’t receive them before I finish my service. My address is below. Can’t wait to hear from you! If you have tried to contact me and haven’t gotten a response, my brother would be the best person to contact. He receives the messages left through this site.

Hearing from people back home is an amazing thing here, so please feel free to contact me at any time. There is a nine or ten hour time difference. So it’s nine or ten hours later here from the West Coast depending on DST, so keep that in mind.

Joiwyn Lewis
US Peace Corps Volunteer
C/O Seepapitso Senior Secondary School
P/Bag 007
Kanye, Botswana

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