So, I’ve gotten a few concerned messages this week because the last two blog posts that went up were not on the happier side. I really appreciate the support, but I also want to make sure everyone knows why and how I’m using this blog. I also want everyone to know that while your support is always welcome, I will ask if I need help and I have asked when I needed outside support.

My blog holds many purposes. Mainly, it’s a place for me to document my Peace Corps experience. It’s also extremely cathartic and helpful for me in the processing of all of my new experiences. Especially since I can’t really talk to a Motswana about these experiences and the other volunteers are also going through stressful and challenging times. So this is a way for me to vent some frustrations, rejoice in triumphs, and voice my experiences. It serves as a place I can keep you all apprised on my life here, and makes it easier for me to keep in contact with you all because you have an idea of what’s been happening here. Ideally, you’ll be keeping up on this and won’t ask me questions like, “So how was Africa?” There is no way I’ll be able to sum up my two years to give you the succinct answer you’re really looking for with that question. So this way, you already have some of my stories and experiences and we can build our conversations from that.

When I write the posts it is usually about a week before they go up. This is because I send them to my brother, he reads through them to make sure I haven’t said anything terribly stupid and check my grammar since I’m already forgetting English, and then posts them. This can take a while because he already had a lot on his plate before I asked him to essentially become my life manager. My blog is not always top priority, which is extremely understandable. I also on occasion get hit by a giant fit of inspiration and write 5 blog posts at once. That’s what happened with this last batch and he didn’t have an order to go on, so two that were not the most uplifting ended up back to back. I promise you, I am not terribly depressed or upset. I’ve just got a lot to think about and am trying to fully process everything as it comes.

I love being able to share this experience with you all and I love your feedback, but I want to make sure you know that I will reach out if I need encouragement or support. I am not trying to look happier than I am and I’m not trying to complain about any experiences. I am just trying to be authentic with everything going on and share true experiences. I don’t feel the need to always have one emotion and I hope that I don’t worry you too much by expressing the whole range. I love you all and am so lucky to have people who care so much about me.