Ralekgetho Health Post

The Ralekgetho health post is the only health facilities in our village. The next closest would be in Moshupa and that is about 30km of dirt road away. The health post is staffed by two nurses and 4 clinic aids. There are no doctors. The health post is a small building with 2 rooms. One is for consultations, examinations, ARV dispersing, bandaging and redressing, etc. the other room is split in two, the half that if in between its counterpart and the consultation room has a little window where prescriptions are filled and handed out, and the other half is where the child welfare staff work when they come through, so it is reserved for weighing babies and doing other child consultations. The health post is open from 7:30-4:30. Every morning they start with a prayer with the staff and anyone there waiting. There aren’t appointments, it’s all first come first served, but they do have specific days for some things. ARV dispersing always happens on one of the last Wednesday’s of the month, and HIV testing is done the day before. I will be working in the clinic once a week.

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