Ralekgetho Forever Home

My new home or as I refer to it, my forever home (not sure why)

This will be my home for two years. It’s at the far end of our village. It’s one of the few plaster homes in the village, most are mud huts, but that doesn’t meet peace corps standard. I have two rooms about the same size as the bedroom I had at home. One will be my bedroom and the other my sitting room (they originally told me it was my bathing room, but it was far too large for me to use it just to bucket bath in. I also have a small room about half the size of the others that will be my kitchen. This house was not finished before I got here. They were in the process of building it for renting when they found out that they were attempting to get a peace corps volunteer. It was the only house in the village that was going to work for me, so they quickly finished it up. I’m living on a family compound, so I’ll be sharing a pit latrine with 4 other people. The house is all together, but the rooms don’t actually connect to each other. So I have to leave my bedroom and go outside to go into my kitchen or sitting room. So I have three front doors I don’t have any electricity or water. So I’ll be getting a gas stove and the family I’m renting from will be getting water for me on their donkey cart (it’s over a kilometer to get to the village water source, so I won’t be walking that every day with heavy water on the way back, thank you very much). I’m really exciting for my new home, but it will definitely be a learning experience! P.S. That’s the women I’m renting from in the picture. People keep saying she’s my new host mom.