Evergreen State College

I completed my undergraduate degree at The Evergreen State College from 2012-2014. My first year at Evergreen I took a sixteen credit year-long program in consciousness studies and psychology. It was an amazing program that challenged me and taught me a great deal. I also began working full-time at the local chain movie theater that year. My second year was my last, so I didn’t want to get tied into another year long or two-quarter long program. My first quarter that year, I took a sixteen credit program called Can Science Help Me…To Be Better? At first it sounded like an amazing program, but it ended up being very disorganized and challenging. The two professors that taught it didn’t seem to ever be on the same page and there were a lot of confusing assignments. I also took a four credit class on the History and Systems of Psychology. It was a challenging quarter with two classes (20 credits) I didn’t particularly enjoy and I was also working over full-time as a manager at the movie theater and part time as a first-grade classroom assistant. My second quarter I took all individual classes in psychology. It was a better quarter and I met an absolutely amazing professor who has forever changed my life, but it still wasn’t my favorite quarter. My last quarter was. In my last quarter, I created all of my classes. I did what is called Individual Learning Contracts at Evergreen. I connected with four different faculty who agreed to be my advisers and formed my own classes in Developmental Psychology, Eastern Psychology focused on Meditation, Ceramics, and a small project in connection to the Western Psychological Association Conference. Most people only take a four credit contract at a time because it requires so much self-motivation and work ethic that otherwise they lose credit. I decided to just jump into it though and try for all four and it was a great success. I learned more that quarter than I had in all my other quarters combined. I completed my Bachelors of Arts with an area of focus in psychology the year I turned twenty.

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